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FREE SHIPPING - PILOT PROGRAM (Beta Test mode thru 6/30/17)

Who can participate?  This program is open to ALL Members in our Personal Group. 

When do I get Free Shipping?  Get FREE Shipping on one order in the next month (up to $20 in free shipping).

Here's what to do:
1. Grab an index card!  (Yes!  To get credit... you must use an Index Card!)
2. Write your Name, Date, Title of video at the TOP of the Index Card.

3. Write down 3 things that you found interesting!  Number them 1.  2. 3....

4. Write down the name of at least 1 person that you thought of while watching the video... and why your thought of them.

Do steps 1-4... for 3 videos this month!!

Lay your 3 Listening Cards on a table and snap a photo!

Next, email the photo  to me at toni_parker@mac.com!  Put "Free Shipping" in the subject line.

When I receive your email with your Listening Card photo, I'll email you back and confirm your participation!


Where do I find the videos?
Short videos -->http://shaklee.tv
In-depth health-focused webinars-->http://betterhealthin31days.com/toni



Grab an index box to store your index cards!!  


Questions?  Call Toni directly at 307-254-0501 or email at toni_parker@mac.com.