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Got College Kids?

We've got two!  Here's a sampling of what I like to send to help support them during Mid-Terms & Finals...


Here's our "Send to College" favorites:

For a Quick Energy Snack or Late Night Study Munch:

Shaklee 180 Meal Bars (Our family fave is Chocolate Peanut Butter!)

Shaklee 180 Snack Bars (My guys love the Toffee Crunch best!  But then the assortment pack is kind of fun!)

Shaklee 180 Snack Crisps (A crunch that actually satisfies!  Our guys love the BBQ flavor!)


Mid-Terms & Finals are extra stressfull... so I usually send along:

Stress Relief Complex  This stuff is so great!  One tablet lasts about 12 hours. Take another one before bed if your mind is racing!


Sick... Sick... Sick...  "Mom, I'm sick!"

It's the worst thing when you're kiddo is miles & miles away at school... and sick!

Stress usually leads to "Mom, I'm sick!"  So I like to make sure that they have some of this on hand.  If they take it as soon as they just don't feel quite right... it usually knocks it out so that they don't get sick!

Defend & Resist


Exam & "Got to write that paper" support...

Energy Chews for an extra boost of energy & focus

MindWorks to help them remember all that they "hopefully" studied! ;)