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Shaklee works for me!!!


Hi!  I just got my blood work back.  Here’s the good news!


Vitamin D level up almost 40%

Last August when Shaklee introduced Vita-D3, I decided to work on raising my Vitamin D level.  I’ve been learning about the importance of this hormone and how being insufficient is linked to so many disease states... like breast cancer, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia... and more.


In 7 months since I started taking Shaklee’s Vita-D3, 10,000IU per day in addition to all the Vit D found in Rx for a Healthier Life, I’ve brought my Vitamin D level up by 38.995%!



Iron Level up 76%

Since I added Vita Lea with Iron (4 per day) to support my thyroid, my iron level has come up 76%!  


From Hyperthyroid to Normal Thyroid

In the fall, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid.  I immediately began searching out what nutrients would support my thyroid and found out that everything I needed was in Shaklee’s Vita Lea!  I just needed to get enough (therapeutic amounts) of the Vita Lea in me!


So on top of taking the Rx for a Healthier Life, I added 10 Vita D, 4 Vita Lea with iron and 4 Vita without iron.  


In January after being on this program for a couple months, I began having my thyroid levels tested... and for the first time... all my scores were normal!


In February, I had every thing retested... then while under the care of an Endocrinologist in March I had it retested... the results... NORMAL!!!!


TSH 12,483% swing in the right direction!

My TSH level went from .006 (hyperthryroid) in the fall of 2010 to .755 in March 2011 (normal!!!!)!  All my thyroid scores are good!  Yay!!!!  Thank you Shaklee!


I am so grateful that I can rely on Shaklee nutrition to support my health and to help me deal with health challenges!!  All I can say is... Shaklee works for me!!!




Toni Parker



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