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4/3/16  Dog Loses Limp

Read Maggie's story...



Stefanie's Story...

"I've been on the 180 turnaround since Oct and I'm also on the vitalizer vitamins. I suffer from fibromyalgia and when I saw all that snow fall I said no way am I going outside to shovel cause the cold hurts me and doing physical labor shoveling snow up to my waist i thought no way will I even move the next day. So I took my shake... READ MORE!


11/28/15      No One was Sick All Winter


Carol Monreal

A woman in my office had a disabled daughter who was a strep carrier. Every year everyone in her family came down with strep 4-6 times. She was using clorox all the time trying to keep the germs a bay. But obviously it was not working. I gave her a catalog one day at work and she read about the basic G and Basic G wipes and started using it all over her house. Last winter...1st time...no one was sick all winter. True story.


Sara Jane Simon Stevens

Sara Stevens

Wow! Numbers are in. I was diagnosed pre diabetic with A1C of 6.1 on the Monday before the Convention in Cleveland [August 2015] and started the 180 Turnaround the next day. Had been on a statin drug for several years which never brought my cholesterol down to normal. And on arthritis drugs for lower back pain plus Tylenol. I added Life Plan, Cholesterol Reduction Complex and Blood Pressure. I don't take arthritis medicine now because no back pain. I stopped my statin 1 1/2 months ago as a test.
Blood work today showed A1C 5.7 which is completely normal.
Total cholesterol down to 208 from 233 three months ago while on statin (below 200 is normal).
LDL (bad cholestero) down to 122 (normal) from 146.
Nurse asked me if I was doing something different. I said yes, taking Shaklee supplements. She said "Well, keep it up. It's working!" And I was down 12 pounds since last time I saw Doctor. Needless to say, I'm thrilled!


Jennifer Iaccino              "Day 2 I notice the fog was lifted and I had mental clarity."

Shaklee Products

For two months I had to come home from work and nap before I could finish out my day! We were going through so much stress that I didn't realize the toll it was taking on my body! I had been out of my supplements and because of financial stress I didn't re order, big mistake! I've been back on them and added vivix as a suggestion by Moyra Gorski my rep. Day 2 I notice the fog was lifted and I had mental clarity. It's been almost a full week and I can go without stopping in the middle of the day! Thank you Shaklee!

 10/16/15           After 3 months her blood pressure is normal!

Janice Jeans

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. my sister Marcia has been taking meds for this for a few years. Constant urinary tract infection, headaches and worse, she was having pain in her arms and getting difficult to pick up anything. She is a RN and started reading about these symptoms being side effects of blood pressure meds. Started on the Shaklee trio for Blood Pressure. Within a few weeks symptoms started disappearing!,,,she told her Dr what she was doing and she couldn't handle the side effects of the meds any longer. After 3 months her blood pressure is normal. What a blessing to have Shaklee in our lives.


10/14/15         Forehead Lines Gone...

EnfuselleWhen Enfuselle was introduced in 1998 I was 50 years old and had 3 lines across my forehead.  I immediately started using the whole line of products.  After a little while of using them, I got out of the shower one day with a towel on my hair and my forehead fully showing without my bangs on my forehead.  I noticed that the middle section of the lines was gone. READ MORE... 


Natural Way to get rid of Lice... 7 safe steps!

Toni McNally 

Toni McNally shares her recipe for getting rid of LICE, naturally

"Ooh! Pick me!!

1) Don't panic.

2) wet hair and apply straight basic h2 (about 1 tsp) and massage into hair paying attention to roots.

Read more... 


Debbie shares her story of her natural approach and how it helped her autoimmune challenges!  

She calls it her Recipe for AutoImmune.  CLICK HERE



Anne Moore‎
Testimonial - my step mom has been struggling with high blood pressure. On Sunday night I took her BP (i am an RN) and it was 155/110. Not good. She was faced with taking Lisinopril and had a dr appt to discuss it today. On Sunday night she started the Blood Pressure Regulation Complex.  READ MORE...


Ashley's photo

Ashley Lawther, "off my $500 per month arthritis medication"

 Since switching to the new Life Plan (Life Strip + Life Shake), I've been able to go off my $500 per month arthritis medication! So I'm super happy!  READ MORE..