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From Hyperthyroid to Normal Thyroid 

In the October 2010, I found myself facing a health challenge... I was diagnosed with hyper thyroid (this condition runs in my family).  

This is my story of normalizing my thyroid function.

As soon as I found out... I went to work researching how best to support my thyroid. I found out that nutrients like iodine, copper, iron, selenium... and others would help support my thyroid health... I had faith that the Shaklee products that I’ve loved for 14 years would help me... if I could just get enough of those nutrients.

I began to look thru the Shaklee catalog at the various bottles of vitamins... then I found out that our wonderful Vita Lea product had EVERYTHING that I needed! I just needed to take enough!

For the next 4 months my total focus was on healing... I totally believe that our bodies are just incredible... and that if I could just support my thyroid with the nutrition that it needed... that I could heal and get better!


So, I began making green smoothies using a rotation of spinach, kale, lettuce, swiss chard... even strawberry leaves from the garden made with fruit, Energizing Soy Protein, and Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee mix.

I added 10,000 IU of Vita D... took 4 Vita Lea with iron and 4 Vita Lea without iron, drank green smoothies and continued taking all my regular supplements including 1 serving of Vivix, Vitalizer Gold, NutriFeron... and my other regulars!

I have to add here... that I prayed and prayed... too! Well in February, I went to see the Endocrinologist and had my blood work done... armed with the health fair blood results from January. My thyroid panel was NORMAL!

The Endocrinologist wanted to run his own blood work to be sure... so in February... my thyroid panel was NORMAL again! I was tested again in March... NORMAL!!!! Wooohooo! Not only was my thyroid panel normal.... but I raised my Vitamin D score up by 40% and increased my iron level by 70% to upper range of normal. Thank you Shaklee for providing nutrients that my body can use to help build healthy cells and get better!!!



Update Fall 2012: Had a Thyroid Panel done... still normal!

Update Spring 2014: NORMAL!!!!!

Update March 2015: NORMAL!!!